Re: [logs] collecting remote windows logs

From: Jian Zhen (jlz@private)
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 10:34:15 PDT

Harlan and Jim,

What's your experience in the performance of using Win32::EventLog or
Win32::OLE (for WMI)? E.g. how many machines, how much auditing turned on?

Thanks much


Harlan Carvey (keydet89@private) [040902 08:24]:
> Jim,
> > (I found this thread and thought I'd jump in.  I
> > hope I'm not too late.)
> > 
> > I have spent a lot of time using Win32::OLE (method
> > #4) to pull events
> > from logs via WMI both locally and remotely.  
> For what it's worth, I've done a lot of the same
> thing.  I started w/ Win32::EventLog, went to
> ::Lanman, and now use Win32::OLE to implement WMI.
> > I'm also tossing around the idea of putting this
> > project up on SourceForge.  
> Not a bad idea.
> > I have tried to use OO perl (self-taught programmer,
> > what can I say?) 
> As am I.  I started years ago w/ BASIC, Pascal, and
> did some C/C++ in grad school, but really started
> programming in Java, then moved to Perl.
> A recent project I've been designing in support of my
> book is a Win32 service that at it's core is a syslog
> client.  However, unlike some clients for Windows, I'm
> going to use WMI to do real-time collection.  Also,
> I'm including other functionality at service start,
> such as checking the audit policy for changes, etc.
> All that aside, though, the real issue as I see it
> isn't so much data collection as it is data analysis. 
> Looking just at Event Logs, what's a good way of doing
> this?  Then, including things such as IIS logs into
> the mix...what then?  Even within the same
> environment, admins may have different requirements. 
> I'm sure there are some basic things one can look at,
> such as frequency of events (a la Marcus Ranum's
> "artificial ignorance"); therefore, a basic reporting
> infrastructure can be created around the project.
> Just some thoughts...drop me a line if you want to
> discuss this...
> Harlan
> "Windows Forensics and Incident Recovery"
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