Re: [logs] collecting remote windows logs

From: Adrian Grigorof (adrian@private)
Date: Thu Sep 02 2004 - 11:37:08 PDT

Just to add to the list... EvLog:, a
freeware that can be used to retrive remote event logs and put them in HTML
format with links to It can be scheduled with MS Task
Scheduler (so it can be as realtime as other agents using a polling


Adrian Grigorof

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Hi all..

many thanks to everyone who's responded. I received many tips on how
this can be accomplished...basically i've gathered 4 ways...

1. Snare (or similar agents) sending to syslog...the kewl thing is
   that Intersect Alliance has provided a couple scripts that will
   allow you to install Snare onto remote machines in your domain...

2. DumpEvt...this is actually a pretty good way as you can dump
   logs from local and remote machines and format it the way you
   want it to...only thing is this is not real-time, so if you are
   looking for real-time, this is not the solution; however, in my
   case, I was not looking for real-time...

3. pretty good, since you can write your own
   script to do stuff, you can be flexible in what you want to keep
   or discard...not real-time...but you can easily write something
   that does what DumpEvt does with the added benefit of dumping the
   events to syslog...and still be agentless

4. Win32::OLE using'ly the most flexible solution, it can
   monitor for new log it can be a real-time solution..
   plus you have the flexibility of deciding what you want to do with
   the log once you receive it...send to syslog, discard, etc...however,
   i have read that this is pretty resource intensive...have not tested
   this approach to its limit tho...

again, thanks for the response and tips...


Jian Zhen (jlz@private) [040726 15:34]:
> Hi everyone,
> Was wondering if anyone has written anything to remotely collect
> logs.
> I wrote a couple perl scripts (ActivePerl), one using Win32::EventLog
> the other using Win32::OLE (WMI). Both of them work fine on the local
> machine but I am having a bit of trouble getting it to work for remote

> machines.
> According to (search results from) Google, there's a Win32::OLD method
> "ConnectServer" in which one can use to connect to remote machines,
> I haven't been able to find any examples on using that with collecting
> logs.
> If you have any insight into this, I would love to chat with you.
> Thanks in advance
> Jian
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