RE: [logs] To integrate Windows 2003 servers with our central syslog infrastructure

From: Desai, Ashish (Ashish.Desai@private)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 10:24:06 PST

Two el-cheapo way are
Create a network share on the windows machine for the directory where 
the log files are. Use "smbclient" on the unix box to copy the log
smbclient is very powerful, you can do a "dir", "copy", "delete" which
is what you typically need.

Another option is to make a virtual directory via IIS/apache to point
to where the log files are, ACL that directory so only the central log
can access it. Then use "curl" or "wget" or
your favourite webclient (don't use PERL LWP, its too slow) to fetch the
log files.
Advantage of using web interface is the server can gzip the data before
sending it.
Also doing a "HEAD" on a file will tell you last modify date/time so you
figure out if you want to fetch a log file or not. You can also
do byte range fetches in HTTP/1.1, so you can do a HEAD to get the
filesize and
use the last filesize as the offset to download the new offset.
NOTE, IIS buffers/preallocates its log files so there might be some
issues with getting file offsets
for IIS log files

For NT event logs, you could have a perl/vb/.../dumpevnt/ script dump
the eventlogs 
to a flat file and use the above fetch methods.

Ashish Desai
Fidelity Investments

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> Hello,
> We have been running a central logging server that gets logs from all
> our servers in the infrastructure. It's all syslog based and we were a
> purely UNIX environment. Till now, that is. Now we are adding Windows
> 2003 servers that will host some of our new apps.
> Since Windows 2003 does not have syslog, I wanted to get your opinion
> on what would be the best way to integrate these servers and apps with
> a UNIX-based central logging server.
> I have looked at the products that Monitorware
> (
> ld-i-purchase.php)
> has to offer.
> Basically what I want to do is get the following logs over to the
> central logging server:
> Windows 2003 logs
> Web server logs (Apache for Windows)
> Application specific logs (written in text format)
> Thanks in advance for your time.
> Joe.
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