RE: [logs] To integrate Windows 2003 servers with our centralsysloginfrastructure

From: Pauls, Nicole (npauls@private)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2005 - 14:15:21 PST

Florin Andrei (Thursday, January 06, 2005 1:11 PM) Wrote:

> For Apache, there are all kinds of modules that allow 
> different types of
> logging. I'm pretty sure i've seen a MySQL logging module 
> once. Probably
> there are some more.
> I would almost expect to find some kind of syslog module for Apache on
> the Internet. Or modify an existing custom logging module if 
> there isn't
> any syslog module.
> Actually... yeah, that's kind of the sort of thing that you 
> would expect
> to be solved already - logging from Apache to syslog directly. Hmm?
> Especially UDP syslog... it should be trivial.

A couple of links I found in a quick google:

A plugin:

A scripting workaround:

You could do the second thing with the kiwi logger, too, just pipe to the
kiwi logger utility and do the same. If you have rapid-fire webserver logs,
however, this will be too slow to keep up (in my experience).

You can syslog apache locally "if the system supports it", which I guess
windows does not qualify for :o) If it did, you could syslog locally, then
forward them on.


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