[logs] Looking for toolkits and products that support RFC3195 -- COOKED

From: Moehrke, John (GE Healthcare) (John.Moehrke@private)
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 10:38:06 PDT

I have tried and mostly failed to find toolkits that support Reliable
SYSLOG -- COOKED mode. I would also be interested in any servers that
support this profile. I would presume that the rest of the members of
this listserv would not like to see the resulting marketing spam that I
am asking for, so please send it direct to me.
What is the general feel for Reliable SYSLOG--COOKED mode? Is it an over
engineered solution that will not ever be successful? It seems that RAW
has some success.
John Moehrke
Enterprise Security Architect
GE Healthcare 
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