[logs] Re: Looking for toolkits and products that support RFC3195 -- COOKED

From: Joost van Baal (joostvb-logananlysis@private)
Date: Thu Aug 04 2005 - 21:55:35 PDT

On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 12:38:06PM -0500, Moehrke, John (GE Healthcare) wrote:
> I have tried and mostly failed to find toolkits that support Reliable
> SYSLOG -- COOKED mode. I would also be interested in any servers that
> support this profile.

I don't think it supports RFC 3195 fully, but you might still be
interested in Gerrit Pape's socklog.  See
http://smarden.org/socklog/network.html for its networking philosophy.
For sure it behaves pretty sane under stress.

socklog is free software, and borrows some ideas from Dan Bernsteins



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