[logs] Re: hosts to central logging servers efficiency: syslog or syslog-ng

From: ScottO (skippylou@private)
Date: Fri May 26 2006 - 13:37:11 PDT

> If that's what's worrying you, you should definitely do UDP at the
> edge and do first-order analysis and event compaction at the edge,
> compress the logfiles at the edge then just use something like rsync
> over SSH to get the data back to your central.
> Syslogs compress _really_ well - on the order of 90% or so (your
> mileage may vary)

I hear what you are saying here, I wasn't as concerned with the data 
load from the edge to the collectors, as I am from network load from all 
the hosts to the edges.

> All that said, in general it's not a good idea to proceed with a design
> before you've done some back of the envelope measurement and
> determined if it's possible or not. You might find out that the data
> rates you're dealing with are insignificant, anyhow. Last time I saw
> someone go into a syslog design that hadn't thought it through was
> buying and fielding big bad-ass machines and my back of the envelope
> estimates showed that a 30 gig iPod would have had about the
> right amount of processing and storage for his syslog load...

Understood.  Still very early in the planning/research stage, hope to 
get to some testing in the next couple weeks to get a better sense of 
the loads, etc.  Just not sure if rolling out syslog-ng to all the hosts 
is the best thing to do, when I can just do filtering, carving, etc. at 
the edge and central levels.

> mjr. 


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