[logs] Re: on database logging

From: Tom Le (dottom@private)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2007 - 21:03:10 PST

> What's the story? Is database logging hot or not? :-)

Hot, it is not.  Necessary, yes for companies with compliance drivers.
The reason it is not hot is because it is solely driven by compliance and
not by any other company requirements.  DBA's hate enabling auditing both
for performance and maintenance reasons.  Monitoring for other types of
assets is often welcome by internal champions (systems, security devices,
networking device, etc.).  Monitoring of non-DBA assets also has
non-security & non-compliance related benefits as well and can therefore be
more easily justified either from cost or mind-share perspective.  But DBA
auditing is rarely championed by anyone other than the auditors.


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