Re: [owl-users] Virtual Machines on Owl

From: GalaxyMaster (galaxy@private)
Date: Wed May 09 2007 - 23:06:12 PDT

On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 07:40:33AM +0200, Bernhard Fischer wrote:

> I already found an answer in a formerly posting form you!
> ...
> Although Owl currently supports only 2.4 it isn't hard to rebuild it

Moreover, it isn't strictly needed to rebuild Owl for 2.6 to run under
OpenVZ.  A "vanilla" binary Owl distribution works perfectly both
outside and inside the VPSes. :)  JFYI.

P.S. However, I'm building the OpenVZ kernel from sources since I want
to have our klogd working (there is a small patch needed to allow our
klogd to grab messages from the kernel log buffer). 


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