[owl-users] Some kernel compilation errors

From: Leonardo Lazzaro <lazzaroleonardo_at_private>
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2011 23:59:37 -0300

I want to report some kernel compilation errors.

I was finishing my configuration. The default kernel dont support ethernet
bridge 802.1d as I checked the kernel configuration at /boot.
So I decided to download the Openwall
recompile it (with the patch).
The new kernel configuration is based upon the /boot configuration file of

Googling around I found that solar fix some compilation errors and they were
very similar errors I got.

the error was this : simfs.c : undefined reference to 'export_op_default'
 and more errors (cant copy the terminal!)

I enable NFS server and solved the problem.

Also I had some errors with ioat.c , I enable and then disable DMA engine
support (I will check is enabled gives errors, I dont know).

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