Re: [owl-users] Some kernel compilation errors

From: Leonardo Lazzaro <lazzaroleonardo_at_private>
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2011 20:21:42 -0300
I am having new problems with NAT. Not sure to send a new mail for this.
When I add the module iptable_nat I got this error:

x_tables: exports duplicate symbol xt_free_table_info (owned by kernel).

I compile  nat as module, but it seems as it were compiled with the kernel.
Also a cat in /proc/net/ip_tables_targets gives :

   - TTL
   - LOG
   - TOS
   - MARK
   - MARK (duplicate?)
   - ERROR

I use some container as routers, inside of them I use NAT to give internet
to some of them. This was working on proxmox (after some changes, that I
cant remember right now).

On Sun, Jan 2, 2011 at 9:09 AM, Solar Designer <solar_at_private> wrote:

> Hi Leonardo,
> Thank you for reporting this in here.  I wish everyone did report on
> both their problems and their successes with Owl in here as well.

If you have any bug tracking , please let me know.

> On Sat, Jan 01, 2011 at 11:59:37PM -0300, Leonardo Lazzaro wrote:
> > I was finishing my configuration. The default kernel dont support
> ethernet
> > bridge 802.1d as I checked the kernel configuration at /boot.
> What specific option(s) did you want enabled (and ended up enabling in
> your custom build)?  We may consider enabling them by default in the
> next official build.

I use a lot OpenVz container with bridges. I use bridges as virtual
switches. the kernel option is CONFIG_BRIDGE, that is disabled by default.

> > So I decided to download the Openwall
> > Kernel <
> and
> > recompile it (with the patch).
> You needed to apply two patches: the OpenVZ patch found in the FTP
> directory above and the Owl patch found in our native tree, e.g. here:
> BTW, all of these files (the kernel tarball and two patches) are also
> found under /usr/src/world on Owl CDs, so you did not really have to
> download anything extra.  I understand that it's sometimes quicker to
> download than to loopback-mount an ISO, though.

I didnt know about the owl patch, I apply it today. Compilation successful.

> > The new kernel configuration is based upon the /boot configuration file
> of
> > openwall.
> That's right.  The same file is also available in our native tree (as
> dot-config-i686 or dot-config-x86_64).
> > Googling around I found that solar fix some compilation errors and they
> were
> > very similar errors I got.
> >
> > the error was this : simfs.c : undefined reference to 'export_op_default'
> >  and more errors (cant copy the terminal!)
> I don't recall ever seeing this error.
> > I enable NFS server and solved the problem.
> You did not actually need the NFS server, but had to compile it in to
> fix the compilation error, correct?

yes that is right. I think is a dependency of VPS filesystem not sure. After
apply the Owl patch compilation was successful.  I will try to reproduce it.

> > Also I had some errors with ioat.c , I enable and then disable DMA engine
> > support
> linux-2.6.18-194.26.1.el5.028stab079.1-owl.diff includes some fixes that
> may be relevant.

I didnt apply that patch, now is OK!.

> Thanks again,
> Alexander
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