RE: How secure are dongles for copy-protection?

From: Jonah Kowall (jkowallat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 19:01:43 PDT

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    Although they are quite secure, many hackers can easily make dongle
    emulators for various packages (or crack out the dongle checks
    themselves).  Some skill is required, but many crackers acqure the
    development kit, which allows the debugging and reverse engineer of any
    commercially availible dongle package.  
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    	From: Harold Thimm 
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    	Subject: How secure are dongles for copy-protection?
    	I'm looking for any information on incorporating dongles into a
    software package for copy protection. In particular, I'm looking for
    information on the Rainbow Technologies Sentinel, but advice on
    dongle-based copy protection in general is appreciated.
    	How easy/difficult is it to break this kind of copy-protection?
    Are there any known weaknesses in the dongle-type systems themselves (as
    opposed to implementation weaknesses?) 
    	Are there any dongle-based protection schemes that have been
    cracked, and if so, how? (A pointer to a URL would be appreciated, if
    you have it.)
    	Thanks in advance.
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