besides "sa" who can run xp_cmdshell

From: nemo latin (nemo_oldat_private)
Date: Mon Aug 06 2001 - 12:32:31 PDT

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    In our shop we have several SQL 6.5 servers with the
    probe account open (null password).  
    I have listed and tried all the stored procedures that
    it can run.  None of them are really a security
    However, I have also discovered that the DBA's have
    assigned many user accounts with a null passwword. 
    This leads to the question ..
    Is there a way to determine which accounts (other than
    SA) can run the xp_cmdshell  ?  I think that the
    ability to run this stored procedure can be assigned
    to userids other than SA.
    Is there a way to find them ??  Other than logging on
    with each userid (that has a NULL pswd - about 30 of
    them - a bad practice) and trying the xp_cmdshell.
    The other holes - such as SQL injection are all
    plugged (we seem to have pretty good asp coders) no
    other user defined sp's seems to be vulnerable.  The
    databases tables/views are being tightened up so I am
    focusing on the SQL/OS interface.
    I believe that the ability to run the xp_cmdshell has
    been given to other accounts - and I think that I may
    have to try each account !!!  
    Any short cuts to find out who can run this sp ?? 
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