Re: Pwdump2 with UNICODE?

From: Lists (listsat_private)
Date: Tue Aug 07 2001 - 20:15:03 PDT

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    Hello all.
    I wanted to thank everyone for the responses.
    Here is my quick summary. I got CmdAsp.asp and uploaded it to the server. By
    the way, I used upload.asp to get things up to the server. After running
    cmdasp.asp, I was able to run pwdump2 and get the hashes. They are running
    through a cracker as we speak. CmdAsp.asp seems to work really well.
    As far as the \repair\sam._ file, I was unable to get this file to copy.
    Everything I tried got access denied. However, it really doesn't matter as I
    succeeded in "getting the hashes" as required for this test.
    Anyway, thanks for everyone's input on this. It was very helpful.
    Allen Archer
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