RE: Emulating a wireless access point

From: bparisat_private
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 09:42:41 PDT

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    	You are correct Meredith.
    	I live near a cell tower (100m away) and can clearly hear cell
    conversations on my scanner at the 1st lower harmonic, app 450-460Mhz.
    	Getting back the the original question, cordless 2.4Ghz phones are
    notorious for creating interference with other devices using the same freq
    band. I recommend not operating 2.4Ghz phones in a wireless environment.
    William S. Paris
    Telecommunication/Network Analyst
    Sorrento Lactalis Inc.
    	Actually, it probably has to do w/ the frequency / harmonic
    resonance of
    the phone interfearing w/the AP ... not the proximity. Even if the phone
    operates on a different frequency, it can interfere w/ the AP via harmonic
    	Harmonic Resonance occurs when one of the frequencies is a multiple
    of the
    other. Say your AP operates at 2 hz ( for simplicity sake) and your phone
    operates at 4 hz, then every other cycle of the phones frequency will be in
    phase w/ the access points.
    ASCII Diagra:
    |                  x -- sine peak                 As you can see, the sine
    waves are prefectly
    |      |   |   |   |                Phone         in-phase at 2 and 4 w/
    respect to the phone.
    |     | | | | | | | |
    |        |   |   |   |
    |_________________________________ T = 1 sec
    |    	  	       x -- sine peak
    |          |       |
    |     ....| |.....| |.               Access Point
    |             | |
    |              |
    __________________________________ T = 1 sec
    	Are there any Ham operators out there that can confirm or deny this?
     -- Meredith Shaebanyan
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