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Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 07:48:42 PDT

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    :) You are a spanish guy... I wrote some for this bug ( unicode/decode/code
    red II ) in spanish, how to exploit them and fix it:
    Best regards
    Carpe Noctem
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    Subject: cmdasp.asp & unicode
    > Hello all,
    > First of all, Thankx H.D. Moore for the reply to my last post
    > about mkilog.exe") and sorry about my poor english ;).
    > I am finishing a pen-test to a company and my customer said to me to try
    > grab te data of the database.  The machine who runs the databas soft, runs
    > IIS too, and it ts vulnerable to an UNICODE exploit. I have uploaded the
    > cmdasp.asp script but it seems to fail in some operations like deleting
    > files.  For example : I upload cmdasp.asp to c:\inetpub\scripts\ with the
    > tftp trick but when i try to delete the file itself i got permision
    > The user under the script runs is  IUSR_SIVAC. (sivac is the database and
    > name of the computer in the windows network)
    > My questions are : ¿Why cant i delete the files i have uploaded to
    > c:\inetpub\scripts? The user SIVAC should be allowed... if i can write in
    > directory i should be allowed to delete too, isnt it?. ¿Could I force to
    > change the user under the cmd.asp.asp runs?
    > Thanks in advance.
    > César González Revilla
    > Eureka Sistemas S.L.
    > C/ San Fernando 16 bajo
    > 39010 Santander
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