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From: Mike Ahern (mc_ahernat_private)
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 08:55:58 PDT

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    Q.) ...Why cant i delete the files i have uploaded to
    c:\inetpub\scripts? The user SIVAC should be
    allowed... if i can write in the directory i should be
    allowed to delete too...
    A.) Based on what I have had to do in the past...
    Chances are either you need to run the attrib command
    from the command line prior to trying to delete the
    attrib -r -h -s <filename>
    or the file is in use:
    for example, netcat has a connection open and so you
    can't delete it while it is in use.
    You should be able to use the unicode strings from a
    browser directly to accomplish what you want to do
    (i.e. delete certain files), or from a remote shell:
    My advice, forget using cmdasp at this point. It's
    just a quick and simple way to get things going, not
    some place you should stay during all your pentest
    efforts. Hopefully you have been able to get a remote
    shell via netcat, or via similar software. It's alot
    cleaner and nicer to work interactively from the shell
    than from using a browser or script to execute
    commands once you get that far. Tho for quick and
    dirty things, and if it serves your purposes, who
    cares?? Use what works for you!
     - Mike
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