Re: ipforwarding enabled, what can I do

From: Gamble (a629wat_private)
Date: Sun Aug 19 2001 - 10:35:33 PDT

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    > > 
    > > Does anybody know how I can use this box to do routing for me?
    > > 
    > > Thanks.
    >   I think you can't use source routing feature by default with a Solaris 8
    > system. You must enable it via ndd command (don't recall parameters).
    > On other versions of Solaris, it works fine.
    >  Netcat is used to perform source routing, and it is limited to 8 hops.
    > Don't know why :(
    Usually source routeing is limited to nine addresses in the IP header.  This
    isn't a fault with netcat, but part of the design of the IP.  You would
    only need to use all 8 addresses if you wanted to specify each hop you
    wanted your packets to flow through (strict source routing), but in this
    case we only need to make sure that we send the packets through the
    gateway machine into the LAN. How the packets get there dosn't matter.  
    I belive that if you use Loose source routing, specifying the gateway
    machine as a hop in the connection, you should be able to send packets
    behind the gateway.  The limit of 8 hops really dosn't matter.
    -- Jamie
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