RE: Mapping wireless LANS from the wired side

From: Mike.Ruscher@CSE-CST.GC.CA
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 14:26:26 PDT

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    Yes, MAC addresses by vendor will identify the device company, if one can
    assume they are valid and not spoofed. I do not see on the OUI site where
    the MAC addresses are associated with a company's particular device family
    though. This is essential for determining a wireless device from a wired
    one. Do most companies give this info out, or must it be extrapolated from
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    On Monday, August 20, 2001 5:45 AM, Mike.Ruscher@CSE-CST.GC.CA wrote:
    > When mapping a LAN topology, what are the general methods to use for
    > discovering access points and  wireless hosts from inside the
    > wired network.
    > This becomes important to detect rogue WLANS which are a
    > potential threat to
    > the enterprise as they might be behind firewalls etc.
    > I would expect that the MAC addresses for APs would be unique
    > to the various
    > vendors., as would the wireless NICs on the WLAN hosts. Are there any
    > scanning tools freely available that can do this kind of search?
    Indeed, identifying the access points by the OUI gathered from arp table
    information works.  The last time I did this sort of thing was by using a
    perl script that used fping to ping a range, and then to pull the
    arp cache, feed it into an SQL database, and use the OUI information at
    <> to figure out the nature
    of the device.
    The scripts are not complex.  I can send a copy if there is interest.
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