RE: Mapping wireless LANS from the wired side

From: Mike.Ruscher@CSE-CST.GC.CA
Date: Mon Aug 20 2001 - 15:25:26 PDT

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    I have no doubt that the wired side is the best approach for mapping one's
    own KNOWN wireless clients and APs. However, the question I originally posed
    concerns testing for active wireless devices on a network from the wired
    side using wired LAN systems.
    There is no guarantee that war-driving will find them all, especially when
    they may roam and not always be up when sniffed by a wireless system. In any
    case, this is irrelevant to the requirement at hand.
    What I am looking for I guess, is a "wmap" type of solution. (Fyodor?!)
    It's like finding dial-up modems from the network side, not by war-dialling
    (or by war-driving in this instance). In this case it should be a lot
    easier, since everything is TCP/IP still. A list of company device/MAC
    associations is all that would be necessary is my guess and not just
    company/MAC associations. Collecting them is not a great hardship I suppose
    though, by time-consuming and forever requiring support to be fresh and
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    On Mon, 20 Aug 2001 Mike.Ruscher@CSE-CST.GC.CA wrote:
    > Yes, MAC addresses by vendor will identify the device company, if one can
    > assume they are valid and not spoofed. I do not see on the OUI site where
    > the MAC addresses are associated with a company's particular device family
    > though. This is essential for determining a wireless device from a wired
    > one. Do most companies give this info out, or must it be extrapolated from
    > experience?
    The best way to track down wireless gear is with your own wireless gear.
    It's much easier than trying to find them using the wired LAN.  Trying to
    find it any other way will just waste your time.
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