udp_forge: uh_ulen or uh_len?

From: Michael Scheidell (scheidellat_private)
Date: Sat Feb 22 2003 - 08:10:02 PST

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    Starting to see what differ3ences/bugs/fixes there are in nessus 1.2.7 vs
    1.3.4 plugins.
    It seems that there are several bugfixes in 1.3.4 that didn't make it to
    1.2.7 cvs.
    I will try to create a diff an dpost to bugs laster.
    in the function forge_udp_packet, I have seen params passed with uh_ulen
    (in nessus 1.3.4 and nessus 1.2.7) and in nessus 1.2.7 there is both
    uh_ulen and uh_len
    It seems that uh_len param is a bug? as it was removed, cleaned from
    1.3.4? or does nasl take both params?
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