Re: [Plugins-writers] Need for find_service.nes

From: Paul Johnston (paul@private)
Date: Wed Jan 28 2004 - 05:32:34 PST

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    Hi Alen,
    find_services.nes recognises services on non-standard ports. In general 
    it's good practice for all plugins to depend on it. However, in the case 
    of SMB plugins, non-standard ports are more a theoretical possibility 
    than something you're likely to find in practice. You could happily drop 
    the dependency for your own use, though I imagine Renaud would add it 
    again if you submitted the plugin to CVS.
    Alen Williams wrote:
    >Hey all,
    >I'm trying to write (my first) a NASL script to detect Windows machines
    >with modems configured and various other things. All of which I'm
    >grabbing from the registry.
    >I basically copied another script which has dependencies of:
    >Now, all of this works just fine, but further down into the dependencies
    >is find_service.nes. This is taking, according to the nessusd.messages
    >file, about 22 seconds to complete! All the other tests are taking
    >fractions of seconds, so this is a MAJOR bottleneck for me. 
    >I believe this plugin detects what services are on which port? 
    >Does this plugin actually need to be run if I'm only interested in port
    >139??? What is it populating into the KB that other plugins such as
    >ciffs445.nasl are not?
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