[Plugins-writers] Dependency timings...

From: Martin O'Neal (martin.oneal@private)
Date: Thu Jun 24 2004 - 08:08:11 PDT

Hiya chaps,

I have a number of tests for a single product. These are currently
broken up into one test per script (which is I think the desired
approach [Renaud?]). The dependencies are set as best I can (initial
detection of service on port, followed by a chained list of various
feature tests that rely on it).

However, the target product does not seem to reset the session quickly
enough for the multiple tests to provide consistent results.
Individually they all work as expected, but if I run a sequence of say 4
test scripts in a row, then the initial detection always works, but I
get intermittent hits on the following scripts.

If I pull all the tests into a single script that makes a single
positive connection, then generates a sequence of alerts based on the
results, then it works just fine. The alternative, would be to place a
delay in the script after getting a positive result.


Martin O'Neal

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