Re: [Plugins-writers] tree structure script storage.

From: Thomas Reinke (lists@private)
Date: Fri Sep 17 2004 - 14:49:40 PDT

You really want to force MySQL as a dependency on NessusD?
And what is the benefit of using an SQL database for the
storage of the actual script, as opposed to using the filesystem
to do the same thing?

Keith Roberts wrote:
> Would it be feasable to store the scripts in a MySQL
> database, (or the path tree to the scripts), and pull them
> out as needed ?
> Regard - Keith
>>From: Allan zhang <zhangliangsd@private>
>>Subject: [Plugins-writers] tree structure script storage.
>>Do you guys here think store all scripts like a tree is a
>>good idea? Nowdays
>>there are so many scripts have been created. I think we
>>need smart solution
>>for the storage, not just store all files in one directory

Why is it a problem to store all the scripts in a single
directory?  If we could understand the problem, then perhaps
we can address a solution...
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