[Plugins-writers] exit status

From: Noah Roberts (nroberts@private)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 12:02:02 PST

I see many plugins use exit(0) when something happens that makes the
test impossible.  For instance, the virus scanner checks just exit if
they can't reach the registery.  I need some sort of information to
establish that the test *failed* vs. there is a virus scanner and it is
working.  As it is, they don't seem to differentiate those two

There also doesn't seem to be any error message functions to be able to
pass error messages back to the scanner.  There are only the security_*

So, how would one notify the scanner that the test could not be done?

I am using this system in a NetReg environment where users will not be
able to register if McAfee or Norton are not installed, running, and up
to date.  So far, my tests have all "succeeded" when the registry or
running services information was inaccessable!  Not exactly helpful


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