Re: [Plugins-writers] exit status

From: Jason Haar (Jason.Haar@private)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 12:28:06 PST

Noah Roberts wrote:

>I am using this system in a NetReg environment where users will not be
>able to register if McAfee or Norton are not installed, running, and up
>to date.  So far, my tests have all "succeeded" when the registry or
>running services information was inaccessable!  Not exactly helpful
I was thinking along the same lines - but was coming to a different 

What about having the plugins report the *positive* status as well as 
the negative.

e.g. "the XXXX Antivirus package is installed but is not running" could 
be augmented by the opposite "the XXX Antivirus package is installed, 
up-to-date and is running".

To some extent, there are so many ways and reasons why something fails, 
it might be better to report when it is all working instead.

It's like firewall rules. Defining everything that is good and dropping 
everything else is A LOT easier than defining what is bad...


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