Re: [Plugins-writers] exit status

From: Noah Roberts (nroberts@private)
Date: Tue Dec 14 2004 - 14:41:58 PST

Jason Haar said:
> Noah Roberts wrote:
>>I am using this system in a NetReg environment where users will not be
>> able to register if McAfee or Norton are not installed, running, and up
>> to date.  So far, my tests have all "succeeded" when the registry or
>> running services information was inaccessable!  Not exactly helpful
>> that.
> I was thinking along the same lines - but was coming to a different
> conclusion.
> What about having the plugins report the *positive* status as well as
> the negative.
> e.g. "the XXXX Antivirus package is installed but is not running" could
> be augmented by the opposite "the XXX Antivirus package is installed,
> up-to-date and is running".

Pretty silly not to think of that...  I think that will work appropriately
for what I need since the other plugins complain about things not working
right; like the smb_registry_full_access complaining if it can't get full
access.  I used security_note to post that mcaffee is up and running
properly.  I think that will be good enough.

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