[Plugins-writers] Dynamic Descriptions in Plugins

From: Erik Stephens (erik@private)
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 16:02:59 PST


While looking at the results of iis_ver_check.nasl, I was a little 
stumped by the description.  It didn't have any of the detailed 
description from the plugin's "desc" property, just "The remote IIS 
server *seems* to be <ver>".  That's because it overrides the data 
field in security_note:

     security_note(port:port, data:ver)

Ideally, it would have both the general commentary plus the dynamic 
version piece in the note's description.  What's the best way to do 
that?  I'd like to do something like:

     security_note(port:port, data:string(get_desc(), '\n\n', ver))

but I can't find a function to give me the plugin's description.

Best regards,
Erik Stephens                                   www.edgeos.com
                      Managed Vulnerability Assessment Services

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