[Plugins-writers] Self GUI

From: David (jrguerrero@private)
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 08:16:19 PDT


i'm a newbye in security and i'm trying to develop a plattform for IDS 
Evaluation. It would be a GUI where you can choose between using nessus 
to attack or send to the net a previously captured data in tcpdump 
format. Respecting to nessus, i've several questions around it:

- is it possible to create an independent gui and call plugins located 
in the nessusd server?

- all the traffic generated by nessus is malicious? i mean, is there any 
"good" packet during an attack?

- if i write my program in C++, how could i call nasl plugins to perform 
an attack against an IDS?

Thanks a lot,


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