Re: [Plugins-writers] Self GUI

From: George A. Theall (theall@private)
Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 17:35:19 PDT

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 05:16:19PM +0200, David wrote:

> - is it possible to create an independent gui and call
> plugins located  in the nessusd server?

Some of the plugins can be run from a commandline using the
nasl interpreter. Many, though, require access to KB
entries, which the commandline nasl tool doesn't support.
[Note: Pavel Kankovsky posted some patches to nessus-devel
about a year ago to support that. I never used them myself
and don't know if they will work with the current version.]

> - all the traffic generated by nessus is malicious? i mean
> , is there any  "good" packet during an attack?

Is sending "GET /" to a web server malicious? Many plugins
rely on such requests to check for banners of vulnerable

Others login into remote hosts using accounts that have been
set up by administrators for the purpose of collecting
information locally (eg, running "rpm -qa" on a RedHat
system). Is such traffic malicious?

The answer is not as simple as you'd like it to be, I


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