Re: [Plugins-writers] Self GUI

From: Nick Hristov (nick.hristov@private)
Date: Fri Apr 08 2005 - 05:12:21 PDT

David, hello.

Is this going to be a GPL based app? If it isn't, you may have trouble
communicating w/ the nessus server without looking at the GPLd nessus

> > - is it possible to create an independent gui and call
> > plugins located  in the nessusd server?

It is. See "Nessus Transfer Protocol". I suggest you get acquainted
with the OpenSSL library as well.

> > - all the traffic generated by nessus is malicious? i mean
> > , is there any  "good" packet during an attack?

As George already answered, not all traffic is considered malicious.
There really is no good clasification, however, you can probably say
that plugins which are classified as ACT_DESTRUCTIVE or ACT_KILL_HOST
or ACT_DENIAL are probably going to send something unpleasant down the
wire. However, often some of these plugins work in two modes,
depending on whether safe checks is enabled (i.e. either grab banners,
or send "less" malicious traffic).

I have not looked at the code of libnasl, but I bet that it is in C.
This should not pose any big hurdles for you to link against with C++,
though. Once again, if you do use libnasl, you will have to have your
app licensed under the GPL (this does NOT mean that you HAVE to
release it to the public, see the license for details).

Hope this helps.

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