Re: [Plugins-writers] weird Qmail smtp error

From: Jason Haar (Jason.Haar@private)
Date: Tue Oct 25 2005 - 13:39:11 PDT

Michel Arboi wrote:

>>www_fingerprinting_hmap.nasl you can also get a report by enabling
>>thorough testing while that won't work for smtpscan.nasl.
>hmap is rather slow currently. That's why it is enabled in thorough
>If I understand well, the problem is that the SMTP server was
>identified as qmail but Nessus said nothing in the report?
>BTW, is smtpserver_detect.nasl still useful?
Yes. My point was that it was obvious from the Nessus logs that it had
figured out it was talking to a Qmail server, but it made no reference
to that fact in the report.

This is out of character (IMHO) as Nessus definitely reports when it
finds an Apache or IIS server - so why not other services such as SMTP?
(I haven't checked what it reports for FTP, etc, so maybe this affects
more than just SMTP)


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