FC: Microsoft replies to Sen. Chuck "Break Up Bill" Schumer

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Tue Jul 24 2001 - 14:11:18 PDT

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    According to Bloomberg (more links below):
    >Senator Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, called on state attorneys 
    >general to seek a court order halting the planned Oct. 25 release of 
    >Windows XP unless Microsoft agrees to make ``significant changes.'' U.S. 
    >Justice Department officials also should insist on changes during any 
    >negotiations aimed at settling the government's antitrust lawsuit, he 
    >said. ``You can't just unring a bell,'' Schumer said at a news conference. 
    >``If Microsoft proceeds with its current plans and releases XP, there may 
    >be no going back, and newer and better technologies may never see the 
    >light of day.''
    Subject: Microsoft Response to Senator Schumer Statement
    Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001 04:28:39 -0700
    From: "Vivek Varma"
    News coverage this morning indicates Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) 
    released a statement last night calling for hearings on Windows XP citing 
    complaints from AOL Time Warner and Kodak.  Please use the following 
    statement from the company as a preliminary response.   I will be out of 
    the office today so please contact Jim Desler if you have additional 
    While we respect the opinion of Senator Schumer and all Members of the 
    Senate Judiciary Committee, Microsoft does not believe the complaints of 
    AOL and Kodak merit a Congressional Hearing.
    Contrary to AOL s self-interested lobbying, Windows XP is designed to 
    enable user choice and partner opportunity.  Windows XP is designed to 
    bring more choice and options to consumers, not fewer.  In stark contrast 
    to AOL-TW s closed, proprietary strategy.
    We will continue to work with the Senators, their staffs and other 
    interested parties to show the innovations,  consumer benefit and industry 
    opportunity in our upcoming release of Windows.
    Many in the industry are already familiar with beta versions of Windows 
    XP.  In fact, many of our partners are working closely with us in 
    anticipation of the launch of the product.
    There are thousands of partners throughout the country including over 50 in 
    the State of New York that are actively working on and have a stake in the 
    successful launch of Windows XP.
    We continue to hear enthusiasm from many in the computer industry about the 
    upcoming launch of Windows XP.  Many analysts and industry observers 
    believe Windows XP will give the PC industry and the economy a much needed 
    In terms of the on-going litigation and potential settlement 
    discussions&.     We have repeatedly expressed our willingness to work with 
    the government to resolve the remaining issues in this case.
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