FC: Lizard replies to Center for Genetics and Society on cloning

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Feb 04 2002 - 13:53:28 PST

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    Recently translated document, circa the paleolithic era:
    From: Alliance of Concerned Shamans
    To:Chief Who Sits on Big Rock and has Mighty Club
    Subject: Fire.
    Fire bad. Maybe fire good, but no one know. Since no one know, best not 
    to make fire. That way, we not find out, which is good. Fire anger gods. 
    Angry gods mean bad hunts and no babies. We no want no babies. Repeat: 
    Fire bad.
    People make fire too fast. Only five year ago, no fire. Last year, 
    sparks. Now, fire. No one consult us first. No one ask gods. People just 
    bang rocks, make sparks. We upset. We know gods upset, because gods talk 
    to us -- not to people. So no more make fire!
    Fire bad. People burned. What if someone make big-big fire, burn down 
    woods? Then animals die, we no eat animals, we die. Fire bad.
    Some say fire good. They stupid. If fire good, gods would have given us 
    fire. Gods no give us fire, so, fire bad. D'uh! Stupid people who say 
    fire good should be burned with fire! Hah! That will teach them.
    We shamans all say:Fire bad. You mess with fire, you make gods angry. 
    Fire bad for women and babies and cute little bunnies.
    So, Chief, please: Hit people who mess with fire with big club.
    Thank you.
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