FC: Replies to technology reporter defends PressBlaster spam software

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Sat Feb 09 2002 - 05:55:10 PST

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    My (partial) email count from Thursday (filtering courtesy of Procmail):
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    Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 11:19:30 +0000
    To: declanat_private
    From: "Charles Arthur, The Independent" <carthurat_private>
    Subject: Re: FC: PressBlaster and the new form of journalism - agriculture
      vs hunter-gathering
    Hi Declan...
    I note Margie Wylie's comments....
     >From: Margie Wylie <margie.wylieat_private>
     >As "the press" it's our job, nay, our duty to take press releases and tips
     >from everyone so inclined to send them.
     >With this territory comes the inane, the irrelevant, the goofy, and, yes,
     >my favorite, the cranks.
     >I am dismayed by the attitude so prevalent these days among reporters that
     >people who "can't write a press release" have no business contacting them.
     >I am at loss to explain this attitude, but it does seem to be the kind
     >thinking that gets us labeled as an "elite" of corporate lapdogs who are
     >fed their stories by a professional corps of spinmiesters.
     >A free press is no use without free access to it.
     >I hate Spam as much as the next guy, but as long as someone is really
     >sending me a press release (even a bulk e-mail press release) and not
     >trying to sell me an "amazing new product" or a "secret investment tool,"
     >it seems to me that that is a legitimate use of my publicly available
     >professional e-mail address.
    The problem is, it seems to me, that journalism is moving from being a
    hunter-gatherer occupation - where one goes on the hunt for something,
    which takes cunning and ability and experience - to being agriculture. Big
    area to cover, lot of words, take the seed (press bumf) and spread it and
    water it with a little bit of knowledge and a call or two and there you
    are, a field (story) filled.
             It's competent, and it's filling, but it's also complete PR-driven
    rubbish. As a journalist, one really feels the difference between a
    hunter-gatherer-style story and an agriculture-style one. It's the
    difference between the woman who started looking into Enron's accounts
    properly and the one who just reports Enron's claims for their results.
    Personally, I think h-g style journalism is really under threat through
    tighter deadlines (why does all this tech not give us *more* time to write
    and research?), fewer people in the job, and more pointless PR flack spew
    pouring out of companies and into our inboxes.
    Stuff like PressBlaster, which thankfully I don't seem to be targeted by...
    yet... just accelerate that process. People think because they -
    particularly their company - have got something to say that you as a
    journalist should listen, and be excited because they are. I tend to growl
    at such folk. I suspect I have a reputation as the grouchiest tech hack in
    Fleet Street. Suits me fine, because not being called up by PR folk
    reciting a script about how they sent me an email yesterday and did I
    receive it and have I got any more questions gives me time to actually
    That doesn't stop me getting 200-odd emails a day - and I'd *really* like
    to know Declan's strategy for dealing with 1,000 - which I can only handle
    at all because I, alone in my office, use Eudora. Everyone else is on Lotus
    Notes, in a flat file format, and emails scroll up the screen.
    GTG. Phone is ringing...
    The Independent newspaper on the Web: http://www.independent.co.uk/
             It's even better on paper
    Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2002 18:33:09 -0500
    From: "Robin (Roblimo) Miller" <robinat_private>
    To: declanat_private
    Subject: Re: FC: Technology reporter defends PressBlaster spam software
    >I hate Spam as much as the next guy, but as long as someone is really 
    >sending me a press release (even a bulk e-mail press release) and not 
    >trying to sell me an "amazing new product" or a "secret investment tool," 
    >it seems to me that that is a legitimate use of my publicly available 
    >professional e-mail address.
    But isn't sending the following (PressBlaster) press release to editors at 
    a publication whose media guide listings all say it covers nothing but 
    Linux and Open Source software news really just spam? And isn't the lack of 
    a removal mechanism for people who receive email though alias addresses 
    rather rude? And isn't the "handful of target media contacts" line 
    somewhat, um, untrue?
    - Robin "Roblimo" Miller
    and now Linux.com too...
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