FC: Transcript of NYC bail hearing for raisethefist.com owner

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Feb 14 2002 - 21:19:15 PST

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    Background on raisethefist controversy:
    Excerpt from transcript, a prosecutor speaking:
       In fact, his web site, before it was dismantled by the FBI, indicated
       he wanted to burn the Olympics. And I ask the Court's indulgence. I'm
       going to have to use strong language which was inside the web site,
       but this is the language of the defendant. He indicated he wanted to
       burn the Olympics, and he wanted to fuck the corporate playground.
       Your Honor, the web site indicates -- the defendant indicated to
       others that were going to visit this web site that it was essential,
       essential reading, for anyone who was associated with the groups that
       advocate or utilize sabotage, theft, arson, and more militant tactics.
       The web site encouraged demonstrators to assault police, even
       encouraged them to use different-tactics, how to lure police so they
       could be more vulnerable to rioters and to more militant tactics; to
       use weapons of mass destruction; to use bombs, to explode bombs; to
       injure police and to blow up their cars, just like in the movies, the
       web site cautioned. [...]
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    From: John Young <jyaat_private>
    Subject: USMS OK Disappear
    Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:07:52 -0800
    Recalling the way CJ, Sklyarov and others got lost
    for unpredictable days of transport by US Marshals,
    allegedly because of the practice of sending all prisoners
    in transport to a cental facility in OK, we offer a transcript
    of a detention hearing on Feb 7 for Sherman Austin, in
    which his attorney argues for release due to that dreaded
    method of losing prisoners to unnerve the victim and give 
    the prosecution more time to ready for trial:
    The attorney also argued:
    1. Austin was labelled a "terrorist" by his NY jailers, a mean-ass
    bunch who relish hammering the foreign bombers under their TLC.
    2. Sending Austin to OK with that label attached could put
    him at risk from jailers and inmates located in a region
    relishing memories of vengance for OKC.
    3. Austin was freezing his ass off due to lack of heat,
    clothing and bedding in his cell.
    The attorney made a fair argument that the FBI's and USA's
    affidavits and charges were crocks, but the judge wouldn't bite,
    though he did order extra clothing for shivering Sherman.
    She derided the FBI's warning to NYPD about Sherman being
    a threat, and demolished the argument he was packing WMD
    tools in the jalopy he drove from CA to NY.
    Sherman was due for shipment to California yesterday, but
    no word if that happened or if he's hunkering in OK from
    raging Okies eager to lynch a genuine federally labelled 
    anarchist terrorist, a radical kid from California to boot.
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