FC: Catholic church condemns "radical libertarianism" on Internet

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Fri Mar 01 2002 - 09:04:09 PST

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    Now we have the proof:
                     ETHICS IN INTERNET
    "The ideology of radical libertarianism is both mistaken and harmful not
    least, to legitimate free expression in the service of truth. The error
    lies in exalting freedom to such an extent that it becomes an absolute,
    which would then be the source of values....In this way the inescapable
    claims of truth disappear, yielding their place to a criterion of
    sincerity, authenticity and being at peace with oneself'.  There is no
    room for authentic community, the common good, and solidarity in this way
    of thinking."
    Boy, I'm glad I'm an Anglican these days.
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