FC: D.I.R.T. spyware exposed on web, by Kevin Poulsen

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 08:50:30 PST

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    D.I.R.T. Spyware Exposed on Web
       Software marketed as a computer surveillance tool for law enforcement
       investigators has its secrets laid bare on an anonymous Web site.
       By Kevin Poulsen
       Mar 14 2002 1:30AM PT
       A closely-held software package designed to allow law enforcement
       agencies to secretly monitor a suspect's computer turned up on an
       anonymous Web site in the Netherlands Wednesday, along with user
       manuals, financial information, contracts and invoices apparently
       stolen from the company that makes the surveillance tool.
       Frank Jones, founder of New York-based Codex Data Systems, blamed
       unnamed critics in the security and hacking community for the exposure
       of his company's spyware product, called D.I.R.T. (Data Interception
       by Remote Transmission). But Jones downplayed the significance of the
       leak, dismissing the documents as outdated and obsolete, and
       emphasizing that the program won't run properly without the would-be
       user entering a valid serial number -- which is not including in the
       trove of purloined files.
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