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From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 03 2002 - 07:41:03 PDT

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    A reminder that Observing Surveillance is today in DC. I'm speaking at 1:30 
    pm. See: http://www.politechbot.com/p-03593.html
    Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 11:39:39 -0400
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    From: Sarah Andrews <andrewsat_private>
    Subject: Public Voice event
    Hey Declan,
    Wondering if you could post this on your list at some stage.
    On Saturday June 22 ,the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) in 
    association with INET 2002, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibilty 
    (CPSR) and Georgia Tech IP3, will host a one-day public symposium on the 
    Public Voice in Internet Policy. Leading academics, technologists, and policy
    makers from around the world will come together to discuss the future 
    rights and freedoms of the public in the information age. Topics to be 
    considered include ICANN reform and public participation in Internet 
    governance; the privacy and free speech implications of recently passed 
    Terrorism and Cybercrime measures; and the future of the Public Domain in a 
    world of increased intellectual property laws, Internet commercialization 
    and media consolidation.
    Details and registration at: http://www.thepublicvoice.org/events/dc02/
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    Subject: Re: H2K2 announcment
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        Keynote speaker #1: Aaron McGruder, author of the daily comic strip
        "The Boondocks" which has devoted time over the years to hacker
        issues, most notably the DECSS case. McGruder is one of those rare
        individuals with access to the mainstream who actually "gets" the
        technical issues. Needless to say, he has been targeted relentlessly
        by censors for daring to speak his mind. Sound familiar?
        Keynote speaker #2: Siva Vaidhyanathan, professor at NYU and the
        University of Wisconsin, frequent NPR commentator, and author of the
        recently published "Copyrights and Copywrongs." Vaidhyanathan is an
        expert on what's going on with copyright law, the dangers we're
        facing, and how it will all ultimately change our society. His talk
        will focus on "life in a distributed age" where distributed
        information systems of all kinds are challenging cultural and
        political assumptions. He says, "The moral of the story is that
        whether we like it or not, it's time to take anarchy seriously. We
        have spent the past 200 years thinking centralization of power and
        information was the greatest challenge to republican forms of
        government and corporatized commerce. But now, it should be clear,
        decentralization and encryption have emerged as the most important
        dynamics of power."
        Mark Hosler. Lead singer of Negativland - the band that got sued by
        nearly everyone, including their own record company - will be
        addressing issues of fair use and censorship, plus presenting a video
        display of Negativland's past and future.
        Robert Steele, former clandestine case officer (spy), author of "On
        Intelligence: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World," president of Open
        Source Solutions Inc. He was once described by writer Bruce Sterling
        as "about 100 times smarter and 10,000 times as dangerous as the best
        of the hackers, for he is successfully hacking the most challenging of
        bureaucracies, the U.S. intelligence community, and doing it for the
        right reasons."
        Cult of the Dead Cow. Nobody can predict what this year's stage show
        will include. Whether it's releasing new software that will really
        piss off Microsoft or dancing with Jello Biafra on stage as part of a
        twisted "bow to the cow" ceremony, the cDc will continue to prove
        their dominance as a corrosive influence on young minds everywhere.
        The Mentor. You've probably heard "The Conscience of a Hacker" quoted
        all over the place, including the movie "Hackers." It remains one of
        the most inspirational pieces written about the hacker community and
        it's survived well over time. This year, we're pleased to have the
        author of the piece himself give a reading of it and offer additional
        Steve Rambam. A favorite of the HOPE conferences, Rambam is Senior
        Director of Pallorium, Inc., a licensed investigative agency, with
        offices and affiliates worldwide. He offers dramatic technical insight
        into the world of private eyes and the many databases that contain
        information on all of us. You'll learn what you can do to protect
        yourself and see some live demonstrations that show just how fleeting
        privacy is.
        Uzi Nissan. The Nissan family has been around a lot longer than the
        car manufacturer. But that hasn't stopped them from being mercilessly
        harassed with lawsuits for daring to register the site nissan.com.
        You'll see the tactics that are used against the "little guy" and find
        out what it takes to fight corporate America.
        John Young. Founder and operator of one of the web's most valuable
        resources - cryptome.org. No stranger to controversy, Young continues
        to publish and link to information on such subjects as Echelon and
        Tempest and was among the first to publish the complete transcript of
        the trial involving Osama Bin Laden in 1994. More recently, Cryptome
        tracked down 20 year old testimony of MPAA chief Jack Valenti that
        showed how the movie industry believed VCRs would destroy Hollywood.
        Deborah Natsios. Operator of Cryptome's companion site, cartome.org,
        described as "an archive of news and spatial/geographic documents on
        privacy, cryptography, dual-use technologies, national security and
        intelligence -- communicated by imagery systems: cartography,
        photography, photogrammetry, steganography, camouflage, maps, images,
        drawings, charts, diagrams, IMINT and their reverse-panopticon and
        counter-deception potential."
        Andy Mueller-Maguhn. Involved with Germany's Chaos Computer Club since
        the 80's, organizer of the annual CCC Congress in Berlin, and more
        recently elected to the board of The Internet Corporation for Assigned
        Names and Numbers (ICANN) where he offers his unique perspective and
        reports back to the people on what is really going on inside that
        mysterious and powerful organization.
        Rop Gonggrijp. Founder of the Dutch publication Hack-Tic which wound
        up evolving into xs4all, one of the biggest Internet providers in the
        Netherlands. Also a key organizer of the Dutch hacker conferences that
        wound up inspiring the original HOPE conference in 1994 and continue
        to inspire us to this day.
        Eric Grimm. Not only does he understand Internet issues, he has a real
        passion for cutting through legal gibberish and getting to the real
        issue. This is the guy who beat Ford in court when they sued us last
        Mike Godwin. The former Staff Counsel for the Electronic Frontier
        Foundation, Godwin has a long history of defending individual rights
        on the net and standing up for free speech everywhere. He is the
        author of "Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age."
        Robin Gross. Currently a staff attorney for the Electronic Frontier
        Foundation specializing in intellectual property and fair use.
        Gweeds. Known throughout the community as a hacker activist (not a
        hacktivist). Gweeds is known to raise eyebrows, issues, and the
        general level of intelligence in whatever room he's in.
        Pud. Founder of one of the favorite web sites on the net today -
        fuckedcompany.com - where people in the industry go to find out and
        possibly spread the latest rumors on the internal workings - and
        sometimes imminent collapses - of all kinds of companies. You'll learn
        the trials and tribulations of keeping such a site going as well as
        why it serves a vital function.
        Bernie S. Longtime hacker, 2600 writer, and information gatherer. He
        is not a friend of the authorities and has been targeted and
        prosecuted by them in years past. It hasn't kept him from continuing
        to investigate technology, asking lots of questions, and sharing what
        he learns.
        Emmanuel Goldstein. Co-founder, editor, and publisher of 2600
        Magazine, host of WBAI's "Off The Hook," producer/director of "Freedom
        Downtime," and chief organizer of the HOPE conferences. Frequently
        blamed for the downfall of society.
        Cheshire Catalyst. The last editor of "Tap" Magazine, the publication
        for phone phreaks and computer hackers that existed in the 70's and
        Doug Thomas. Journalist and author of "Hacker Culture." Thomas did a
        number of pieces on the Kevin Mitnick story, one of the few writers
        who actually tried to get to the bottom of the story.
        Mike Levine. Host of the "Expert Witness" radio show on WBAI and
        author of numerous books. A 25 year veteran of various federal
        agencies. If you've ever heard his show (which immediately precedes
        "Off The Hook"), you know that this is a guy who knows how the federal
        system works - and how it doesn't. With the FBI just being granted
        sweeping new powers, this is one of the few people who will tell you
        exactly what it means.
        Again, this is merely a preliminary list of what we're working on for
        the conference. You can also look forward to panels and talks on
        social engineering, pirate radio, conspiracies of all sorts, 802.11
        fun, lockpicking, nanotechnology, Indymedia, cryptography,
        steganography, satellite hacking, and a whole lot more plus showings
        of your favorite hacker movies including "Freedom Downtime" and a
        brand new one called "Owned."
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