FC: Wired articles on open source software and federal government

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 08:00:36 PDT

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    [These are some of my last articles for Wired News. I wrote them
    (with Robert Zarate) before I left; they ran last week. --Declan]
       ...a Wired News survey of 14 Cabinet-level agencies found that
       open-source software has made scant progress inside the federal
       government. While a handful of agencies use Linux regularly, most have
       adopted the operating system minimally -- if at all.
       "Linux is not on our list of approved operating systems," said a
       senior State Department information technology official who spoke on
       condition of anonymity. "That generally dictates whether it's used or
       Behind Linux's Struggle in Gov't
       By Declan McCullagh and Robert Zarate 
       2:00 a.m. June 13, 2002 PDT
       WASHINGTON -- Proprietary software makers say they don't view Linux
       and its brethren as an immediate threat to their dominance inside the
       federal government.
       Super-Secure Linux, Inch by Inch
       By Declan McCullagh and Robert Zarate
       2:00 a.m. June 11, 2002 PDT
       WASHINGTON -- Super-secure additions to the Linux operating system are
       inching closer to the mainstream.
       Developers have turned Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), a prototype
       created in part by the National Security Agency, into a module that
       operates almost seamlessly on the Linux operating system.
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