FC: Politech administrivia: Mozilla compatibility, Moscow, tips

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 09:50:00 PDT

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    The Politech homepage is now working for Mozilla users. Some cosmetic 
    changes I made recently rendered properly with IE and Opera, but not 
    Mozilla. I fixed them this morning. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    I managed to stop by the Mozilla launch party last week at the DNA Lounge 
    when I was still in San Francisco 
    (http://www.mozilla.org/party/2002/flyer.htm) -- I'm now back in DC. I'd 
    say it was a success. At what other party would luminiscent green source 
    code be flowing across the screen in a way eerily reminiscent of the old 
    Applesoft BASIC SPEED=180 command?
    Assuming my visa is processed in time -- the embassy levied an extortionate 
    $300 fee -- I leave tomorrow evening for Moscow. That means Politech may be 
    on something of a hiatus again until I get back next Monday. I'm planning 
    to take my laptop, but I'm not sure about the extent of connectivity there. 
    I'm speaking, BTW, at the Outlook For Freedom conference 
    (http://www.hro.org/2002/eindex.htm) later this week.
    If you're sending something to me for posting to Politech and you want to 
    be anonymous (either for personal reasons or for spam-proofing purposes), 
    please remember to type "CONFIDENTIAL" in the Subject: line. I may miss a 
    request for email address deletion if it's in the body of the message. I 
    put details here last year:
    Editor, Politech 
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