FC: A copy of what appears to be the FBI's post-9-11 watch list

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 20:29:51 PST

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    Subject: Copy of the FBI's post-9-11 watch list
    Here's a copy of the Venezuelan list mentioned in the WSJ article:
    I've mirrored a copy here:
    ..and converted it to plain text (with very poor formatting):
    I can't vouch for its authenticity; the document has been modified by
    segured.com and translated into Spanish somewhere along the way.
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    Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:18:51 -0800
    To: declanat_private
    From: dano <danoat_private>
    Subject: Fwd: FC: FBI's secret, post-9-11 watch list acquires a life of
      its own
    This story reminds me of the "send a get well card to the poor little boy 
    in the hospital" that went around the Internet for so many years that it 
    had essentially acquired a life of its own.
    This blacklist propagated by the FBI will do untold damage to so many 
    people for so many years in the future... This is like a biological virus 
    with no vaccine or antidote - it will never be stopped and will continue to 
    morph and mutate into various forms, acquiring new names and damaging more 
    people as it works its way into every conceivable blacklist database around 
    the world.
    I'd like to say that I am astonished at the lack of foresight shown by the 
    government in creating such a destructive entity, but I have seen enough of 
    their missteps over the past two years to be surprised by a blunder as 
    wrongheaded as this.
    Sorry about the rant.
    Daniel O'Donnell
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