FC: Virginia police raid bars, force people to take sobriety tests

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Wed Jan 08 2003 - 11:07:43 PST

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    [If what is alleged is true, this is simply thuggish behavior on the part 
    of Fairfax County police and the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage 
    Control. --Declan]
        At Champps in Reston, general manager Kevin O'Hare described police as
        "antagonistic." He said they "pulled" people from their chairs who
        were making no commotion. "They're always welcome to come in anytime,"
        he said of police. "It's not an issue when they talk to our guests.
        But when they actually pull people out of their seats, it is an issue.
        When it's borderline harassment, it's an issue."
        One man who was arrested during one of the police raids acknowledged
        having several drinks during the course of the afternoon, but said he
        was not driving or acting unruly as he sat at a table with several
        work colleagues. He had just finished singing "Jingle Bell Rock" on
        the karaoke machine when an officer asked him to step outside. He
        failed a breath test and was taken in a van to jail.
        "I've lived my life with tremendous respect for the rule of law," said
        the man, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he is contesting
        the charges.
        Now his respect is tarnished.
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