FC: U.S. spooks fret about Iraq hax0ring .gov and .mil computers

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 - 08:28:24 PST

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    These are the same intelligence folks who worried about this:
    "Pentagon warns Fidel Castro could launch cyberattack against U.S."
    North Korea next, anyone?
    Also, a true government-sponsored attack from Iraq computers against U.S. 
    military computers would be an act of war. Now that the Bush administration 
    is apparently seeking justification for war, it's reasonable to pay close 
    attention to developments here.
    Warning on Iraqi Hackers and U.S. Safety
    WASHINGTON, Jan. 16  Intelligence officials are concerned that a recent 
    rise in electronic attacks against government and military computer 
    networks in the United States may be the work of pro-Iraqi hackers and 
    could signal a "potential crisis" in national security, according to a 
    classified F.B.I. assessment.
    The assessment, prepared last week by the National Infrastructure 
    Protection Center at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, warned 
    intelligence officials that the attacks, which have been relatively 
    limited, are likely to grow more widespread and "more dangerous" as tension 
    over a possible war against Iraq grows.
    American intelligence analysts say they have long been concerned by the 
    notion that Al Qaeda could use computers to wage terror  disrupting water 
    treatment plants or nuclear facilities, for instance. Experts say the link 
    between Iraq and computer hacking may have been underestimated and poses a 
    growing threat to United States security.
    "Iraq is certainly among the places in the world that we think a 
    cyberattack might well be launched from," Representative Robert E. Andrews 
    of New Jersey, a Democrat on the House Armed Service Committee who has been 
    active on cyberwarfare issues, said in an interview.
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