FC: Lewiston, Maine decides to repeal the First Amendment

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 00:02:01 PST

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    The below link no longer works, but here's one on that's relevant:
    >Police in Lewiston said many streets surrounding Bates College and the 
    >National Guard armory will be closed to traffic for security reasons on 
    >Saturday. Random searches are promised at both rallies and police say they 
    >will not allow weapons, cameras or recording equipment, backpacks or bags, 
    >picket signs or face masks.
    Cases like these often are the most vexing. Yes, perhaps the ACLU can sue 
    and get attorney's fees. But that may not have enough of a deterrent effect 
    -- the politicians and police who are involved in these unlawful activities 
    don't pay the price themselves. We need a better way to decrease their 
    incentives to do the wrong thing.
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    Subject: Lewiston, Maine overturns First Amendment
    Date: Fri, 10 Jan 2003 10:25:24 -0800
    On the eve of a meeting by the white supremacist World Church of the 
    Creator, the city of Lewiston, Maine is taking dumbfounding steps to insure 
    "safety" for all in what anticipates will apparently be a potentially 
    flash-fire protest.
    "Police plan to keep weapons or things that could be used as weapons out of 
    both rallies," says a newspaper Sun-Journal newspaper article.  "That 
    includes pepper spray, sharp objects, pickets or sticks for signs, face 
    masks or hoods that could be used to hide a person's identity."
    Now "face masks" are a "weapon"?
    Also banned:  "offensive" protest signs!
    "Anything offensive, so offensive that it invites a reaction, we're trying 
    to keep those out," city administrator Jim Bennett is quoted saying.
    Oh, but that's not all, just to be sure that no record is kept of the 
    real-time torching of the First Amendment, Bennett also plans to ban all 
    cameras, audio and video recorders.
    "Some cameras can easily be used as weapons themselves," Bennett said. "But 
    it's more clear they could be used to hide more threatening weapons, like 
    chemical agents."
    Here's the whole 
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