FC: President Bush's AIDS nominee Poindexterizes his web site

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Thu Jan 23 2003 - 22:59:18 PST

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    The Scepter Institute is an AIDS ministry that Jerry Thacker runs. Recently 
    Thacker or his aides have been busy Poindextering it. In the current copy, 
    no "gay plague" comment appears:
    But it does in the version snared from Google's cache:
    The same with the current lack of the "deathstyle" line:
    Compared with the older version:
    I should note that the archived versions use "deathstyle" and "gay plague" 
    in quotation marks, which isn't clear from the Post article. So does a June 
    2000 version from archive.org, so the quote marks weren't added recently in 
    response to the first round of criticism:
    Background on Poindexterization:
        AIDS Nominee Withdraws From White House AIDS Panel
        By Ceci Connolly
        Washington Post Staff Writer
        Thursday, January 23, 2003; 2:32 PM
        Jerry Thacker, a Pennsylvania marketing consultant whose nomination by
        President Bush to serve on an advisory panel on HIV and AIDS stirred
        controversy, announced today that he is withdrawing his candidacy for
        the post.
        Thacker, a former Bob Jones University employee who has characterized
        AIDS as the "gay plague," says he contracted the AIDS virus after his
        wife was infected through a blood transfusion. [...]
        In his speeches and writings on his Web site and elsewhere, Thacker
        has described homosexuality as a "deathstyle" rather than a lifestyle
        and asserted that "Christ can rescue the homosexual." After word of
        his selection spread among gays in recent days, some material
        disappeared from the Web site. Earlier versions located by The
        Washington Post that referred to the "gay plague," for instance, were
        changed as of yesterday to "plague."
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