FC: Report on John Zuccarini, accused domain name deceiver

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 22:31:03 PDT

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    From: "Ali Farshchian" <aliat_private>
    To: <declanat_private>
    Subject: Report on Reaction to Zuccarini's Arrest
    Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 18:55:37 -0700
    CircleID has done a special coverage on public's response to Zuccarini's
    arrest that might be of interest to Politech readers -- particularly as many
    of the comments are significantly different from what has been publicized by
    the media. As you know, On September 3, 2003, United States federal law
    enforcement officers arrested the notorious John Zuccarini accused of
    allegedly creating misleading domain names to deceive children and direct
    them to pornographic websites.
    As reported by the media, Zuccarini's arrest was the first to be made under
    the "Truth in Domain Names Act", which took effect earlier this year
    prohibiting people from creating misleading domain names as a means to
    deceive children into viewing content that's harmful to minors (or tricking
    adults into clicking on obscene websites).
    What follows (and not covered in the media) is a special report on a
    *growing* collection of commentaries made in response to Zuccarini's arrest
    around the net and by legal experts...
    "Report on Reaction to Zuccarini's Arrest"
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