FC: CEO of one firm with "do not spam me" removal list replies

From: Declan McCullagh (declanat_private)
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 22:26:17 PDT

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    Subject: RE: Thoughts on one company's "do not spam me" removal list
    Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 17:44:19 -0700
    From: "Howell, Denise" <DHowellat_private>
    To: <declanat_private>
    Cc: "Brad Templeton" <bradat_private>,
        "Rich Kulawiec" <rskat_private>,
        "Hal Murray" <hmurrayat_private>
    Dear Declan,
    Welcome back!  In addition to the responses to the message below you should 
    have from Brad Templeton, Rich Kulawiec, and Hal Murray, I received some 
    further information and reaction from Global Removal's CEO, Tom 
    Jackson.  My summary and further thoughts are 
    here:  http://bgbg.blogspot.com/2003_08_31_bgbg_archive.html#106289522419936545
    Best wishes,
    Denise M. Howell
    bio  http://tinyurl.com/4243
    Reed Smith Crosby Heafey LLP
    355 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2900
    Los Angeles, CA  90071
    tel  213.457.8000
    fax 213.457.8080
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