[Politech] Geert Lovink on Internet culture and "My First Recession"

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    Subject: *new publication* My First Recession by Geert Lovink
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    My First Recession
    Critical Internet Culture in Transition
    By Geert Lovinka
    ISBN 90-5662-353-2
    V2_Publishers, Rotterdam, 2003
    My First Recession starts after the party is over. This study maps the
    transition of critical Internet culture from the mid to late 1990s Internet
    craze to the dotcom crash, the subsequent meltdown of global financial
    markets and 9/11. In his discussion of the dotcom boom-and-bust cycle, Geert
    Lovink lays out the challenges faced by critical Internet culture today. In
    a series of case studies, Lovink meticulously describes the ambivalent
    attitude that artists and activists take as they veer back and forth between
    euphoria and skepticism. As a part of this process, Lovink examines the
    internal dynamics of virtual communities through an analysis of the use of
    moderation and "collaborative filtering" on mailing lists and weblogs. He
    also confronts the practical and theoretical problems that appear as artists
    join the growing number of new-media education programs. Delving into the
    unexplored gold mines of list archives and weblogs, Lovink reveals a world
    that is largely unknown to both the general public and the Internet
    Geert Lovink is a Australian-based Dutch media theorist and Internet critic,
    a co-founder of numerous online projects such as Nettime and Fibreculture,
    and the author of Dark Fiber and Uncanny Networks.
    Table of Contents: Introduction: Currents in Critical Internet Culture;
    Post-speculative Internet Theory, Three Positions: Dreyfus, Castells,
    Lessig; Anatomy of Dotcommania, Overview of Recent Literature; Deep Europe
    and the Kosovo Conflict, a History of the V2_East/Syndicate Network;
    Principles of Streaming Sovereignty, a History of the Xchange Network;
    Oekonux and the Free Software Model, From Linux to the GPL-Society; The
    Battle over New Media Art Education, Models and Experiences; Defining Open
    Publishing, Of Lists and Weblogs; Conclusion: Boundaries and Sustainable
    V2 Publishing titles are distributed through the publishing house of the
    Netherlands Architecture Institute. The book will be available in Europe in
    the Fall 2003 and in the USA and through Amazon from January 2004.
    V2_Publishing Eendrachtsstraat 10 3012 XL Rotterdam The Netherlands tel:
    + fax:+ www.publishing.v2.nl For publicity
    please contact Marije Stijkel (marije@private,).
    Direct ordering through V2: store@private
    Available in North, South and Central America through D.A.P./Distributed Art
    Publishers Inc, 155 Sixth Avenue 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10013-1507, Tel 212
    6271999, Fax 212 6279484.
    Available in the United Kingdom and Ireland through Art Data, 12 Bell
    Industrial Estate, 50 Cunnington Street, London W4 5HB, Tel 208 7471061, Fax
    208 7422319.
    Available in Australia and New Zealand through Modern Journal, Robyn Ralton,
    P.O. Box 1082 Collingwood 3066 Australia tel/fax 0061 3 9481 2877 email
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