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From: Declan McCullagh (declan@private)
Date: Fri Oct 03 2003 - 19:47:27 PDT

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    Subject: Florida Dorms Lock Out P2P Users
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    Declan, Dave... presumably legitimate p2p users are being locked out
    as well. They do exist. -Joe
    Florida Dorms Lock Out P2P Users
    By Katie Dean
    02:00 AM Oct. 03, 2003 PT
    The University of Florida has developed a tool to help extricate the
    school from the morass of peer-to-peer file trading, and early results
    show that it's succeeding.
    Integrated Computer Application for Recognizing User Services,
    commonly called Icarus, debuted over the summer on the network that
    links all the residence halls on the UF campus.
    The open-source program was developed by campus programmers to cut off
    the file sharing going on among students. Housing officials say the
    application educates students as it restricts them from peer-to-peer
    Last spring, the university received about 40 notices of copyright
    violations per month. At peak file-trading periods, 90 percent of the
    traffic on the housing network was peer-to-peer. In an average 24-hour
    period, 3,500 of the 7,500 students in the residence halls would use
    P2P services like Kazaa.
    "We needed something to stem the flow. We were spending too much time
    tracking people down," said Robert Bird, supervisor of network
    services for the UF department of housing. "There were too many of
    them and too few of us."
    Enter Icarus.
    "Icarus has detected about 300 people using P2P this fall," Bird said.
    "That's an over 90 percent drop in people using P2P. That's a dramatic
    reduction in user behavior."
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